Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends 2012

Celebrity Short Hairstyles Trends for 2012. Check some great short haircuts ideas for upcoming 2012. To give you an idea of what we mean, check out these great examples from some of our favorite short haired celebrities. The following are some chic celebrity short hairstyles 2012, which consist of simple style from lovely pixie cut and charming short messy haircuts. However, you should be careful when you choosing a new style.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends 2012
Anna Faris in a sleek, short bob with full bangs shows off her big baby blues to great advantage! 
(photo credits : www.lovingyou.com)

(photo credits: www.anna-faris.org)

Celebrity Hairstyle
Dianna Agron wears her hair with jagged edges and looks beautiful. 
(photo credits: www.lovingyou.com)

Chelsea Kane haircut looks very gorgeous and totally suit with her face type
(photo credits: www.officialchelseastaub.com)

She’s rocked her super-short hairstyle for a while now
(photo credits: www.michelle-williams.net)

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends 2012
Ali Larter ‘s Short bob hairstyles looked so-chic
(photo credits: www.alilarterfan.com)
Carey Mulligan 
(Credits: carey-mulligan.net)

The short cuts are ideal for all those who do not have to spend too much time behind the hair, and what could be better if the cuts are also to be more in vogue at the moment?
The important thing is to always consider the key factors of a good result that the shape of the face, hair texture and personality, so once you have chosen the cut that best suits you mustalways seek advice from the hairdresser (at least for the first two features).

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